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Before you begin the climb , the names of all the climbers will be handed over to the Wildlife and National Parks and the Police Station for information purposes .

While climbing the mountain , we must be healthy , stable and robust . Minor accidents such as sprained , leg cramps, vomiting may occur if we are not even ready to climb the mountain . You are advised to seek medical advice if you have a disease such as hypertension , diabetes , renal failure, heart failure , heart cavities, asthma and other diseases that are at risk .

In addition, you should wear appropriate clothing when hiking. If it's raining, there are many leeches that hang along the hiking tracks. If you are a coward , leech bites experience is the most valuable experience for your kids.

In the woods , you are advised to not bragging , boast self , talking dirty and talking about the description of the jinn . Keep in mind , in the woods of this mountain is a village famous genie . However, they do not bother us during climbing.

Things that are often overlooked by climbers is garbage . We must always remember , that the mountains are not a public trash can . After eating and drinking, waste can not be dumped everywhere. If there is no trash, you have to keep the trash and throw it in the trash available in resort areas .


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